Each piece of artwork needs to have its own unique scheme.

According to the specific requirements of artwork design, size, structure, display or installation location, function, materials, surface effects, etc., our team designs the best production scheme, transportation plan and installation solution for each project.


Structural component design drawing

Structural Component Design Drawing


Schematic diagram of panel cutting and partition

Schematic Diagram of Panel Cutting and Partition


The company team is equipped with corresponding modeling design and engineering analysts, steel structure design and calculation personnel, and professional material electronic cutting drawing producer. According to the unique design of different projects and the different geographical environments of placement, consider the achievability of the corresponding design, the ultimate safety, and the sustainability of life, provide professional advice and scheme design, and give corresponding solutions. A good solution for specific art design should be make it come true from artists' conceptions.


Solution Service for Large Scale Project Steel Structural Design DiscussionSolution Service for Large Scale Project Steel Structural Design Discussion