The Installation of LOVEME now completed in Mexico!


Finally, the art piece from famous UK artist Mr. Richard Hudson has been well-erected in such beautiful private estate in Mexico. The artwork is named LOVEME with 10 meters high not included the plinth. The whole installation has taken around 3 months during the world Covid-19 pandemic which has caused us lots of difficult to arrange an oversea installation team go there. We have conquered all obstacles of the international traveling. While thanks to all best efforts from artist Mr. Richard Hudson and Mexican team, our installation team can go there smoothly. Sino company appreciated everyone who involved in the project. Under the efficient collaboration between Sino team and Mexican team, the installation work processed well and fast despite rainy days disturbed sometimes.

 After the LOVEME erected, there will be a 5meters high plinth like a small hill around the the LOVEME that will make LOVEME more attractive and harmonious with surroundings. We believe the bright LOVEME will bring more beautiful things and luck to the Mexico and the world and make the people in pandemic suffering to feel the LOVE and being LOVEED, and fill courage.


Artist Mr. Richard Hudson in Installation Site for Inspection, 2021Artist Mr. Richard Hudson in Installation Site for Inspection, 2021