Stainless Steel Casting sculpture Cases Exhibition.


 Stainless steel cast sculpture is a type of sculpture made using a casting technique where molten stainless steel is poured into a mold to create a three-dimensional object. Stainless steel is a durable and corrosion-resistant material, which makes it an ideal choice for creating outdoor sculptures that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Stainless steel cast sculpture is often used for creating large-scale public artworks, as well as smaller decorative pieces for indoor spaces. The process of creating a stainless steel cast sculpture involves several steps, including designing, casting, finishing, and installing the sculpture.

Sino Sculpture Group (Beijing) Ltd is a sculpture foundry specializing in large-scale stainless steel casting sculptures and artworks design, fabrication, and overseas installation. We have a large-scale stainless steel casting sculpture factory in Beijing, China. The services include custom stainless steel sculpture design, clay model sculpturing, 3D Modeling, casting, stainless steel sculpture fabrication, and global installation and maintenance.

Specializing in the production of different-scale stainless steel casting sculptures, welcome to visit our foundry in Beijing, China.