Steel Art Packing Completed and ready to Go!


Sino Sculpture Tianjin factory finished 2 art wooden boxes package on July 14, 2023. The sculpture will ship out on July 19, 2023, by LCL from Taijin port to Geneva, Switzerland.

Art wooden box package workflows:

1. Package box design, we usually design the size and space according to the sculpture by the computer. A 3D model will make us confirm the size is suited for the artwork.

2. Art wooden box produce. The box makes from non-fumigation plywood panels & block bases.  

3. Inside packing: we use an Anti-collision cotton panel for inside packing, to keep the sculptures can offset collision.

4. Closing and loading,  we use screws to close it, then load and fix the box on the truck.

The artwork will be ready to truck to the port for container loading.