Completion of a mesmerizing masterpiece by the esteemed British sculptor, Mr. Richard Hudson!


"TWISTED", a captivating sculpture, meticulously handcrafted using mirror-polished steel, showcases Mr. Hudson's exceptional artistry. Its flawless finish reflects the world around it, creating an ethereal and ever-changing display of light and reflection. The sculpture is complemented by a corten steel plinth with a rustic finish, adding a touch of rugged elegance to this masterpiece of steel. The combination of materials and textures creates a striking contrast that further accentuates the beauty of "TWISTED."

Over two months, our dedicated team of artisans worked tirelessly to bring Mr. Hudson's vision to life. With painstaking attention to detail and using our best advantaged craft - hand forging - we ensured that every curve and angle of the sculpture was meticulously shaped and polished to perfection. As the fabricator of this magnificent artwork, we are filled with joy and pride. Collaborating with Mr. Hudson on this project has been an incredible honor.