How To Make A Steel Frame Model For Stainless Steel Sculpture Panel Fabrication


In the process of metal sculpture production, especially for large-scale sculptures, creating a steel frame model can be exciting and essential for the outer steel panels forging work.

Here is a guide for understanding the creation of the steel frame model. First, the steel frame will be designed by the shape of the sculpture in 3D model software by computer. After the 3D design work is done, it will be transferred to 2D drawings in the AutoCAD drawing, and then using laser cut machine to cut these frames piece by piece. After that, all pieces of sections will be welded and assembled to form a 3D steel frame model. Once the frame is complete, carefully forge the stainless steel panel to the frame using an appropriate hammer and weld them together. Ensure the panel is securely connected and aligned with the framework. Using the laser-cut steel frame model to make a sculpture can have an accurate and correct shape, so it is a more popular way of making stainless steel sculptures.