Titanium Plating Plant Tour


Our sales visit titanizing our workshop on July 26,2023, through the visiting our sales can learn more technology of the titanizing craftwork that will help them to provide better service to our clients. 

Titanizing is a thermo-chemical treatment process consisting of saturation with titanium, by means of diffusion, of the surfaces of ferrous alloys, predominantly steel, applied to enhance the service life of tools exposed to wear during service. Wear resistance is exhibited by titanized layers, built of titanium carbides, formed on steels with a high carbon content. For the process of titanizing, the steels used are predominantly high carbon alloy grades. Besides steels, sintered carbides can also be used for the formation of titanium carbide layers. The thickness of layers approaches 0.015 mm, while their hardness reaches 4000 HV. Processes of diffusion titanizing are conducted at temperatures within the range of 950–1100°C, for up to 10 h, in gaseous atmospheres, powder packs, pastes, salt baths, and fluidized beds.       


The titanium technique is oozed in the metallic surface of the present invention, which comprises the steps:

A, to adding the MAGNESIUM METAL of 1~2 weight part in the container, the titanium sponge of 20~30 weight parts, and the metal device that need to process, enclose the container;

B, container is heated, under the temperature condition of 140~310 ℃, carry out the degassed processing in the container;

C, continuation is heated container, pass into the titanium tetrachloride of 5~7 weight parts, and maintain container inner pressure 0.02~0.04MPa in a temperature-rise period in the container, and when being warming up between 992~998 ℃, constant temperature is 12~15 hours;

D, in the container, take out the metal device and cool.