The Art of Fabricating a Mirror Polished Steel Mobius Sculpture


The stainless steel contemporary abstract sculpture Mobius is a commissioned, 280cm(110 inch) high, mirror polished finishing, completed in 2023 and installed in Toronto, Canada.
Mobius seems very simple, but the shapes of Mobius are ever-changing. This is the magic of Mobius, which in mathematics, a Mobius strip, Mobius band, or Mobius loop is a surface that can be formed by attaching the ends of a strip of paper together with a half-twist.
This Mobius is a three-dimensional stainless steel Mobius ring sculpture, and its materials and surface finishing can also be chosen in various ways, such as stainless steel spray-painted Mobius sculptures, bronze Mobius, etc. Let us look forward to more Mobius shapes.