Richard Hudson’s KNOT Exhibiting in DIFC Sculpture Park


 This high mirroring polished steel sculpture named “Knot” is designed by UK prominent and world-renowned sculptor Mr. Richard Hudson. Creating polished works from marble, wood, steel, and bronze, Richard Hudson reinvents familiar sculptural tropes and addresses the evolving notion of beauty. A childhood steeped in nature left Hudson with an appreciation for organic forms, and so his sculptures are marked by fluid, pared-down human forms, also inspired by artists such as Henry Moore, Jean Arp, and Constantin Brancusi. Exploring and evaluating Western sculpture, Hudson puts a modern twist on beauty with surrealist forms that are simultaneously abstract and referential. Hudson believes that concepts of beauty are a reflection of the human condition, and are etched into the human psyche. Using a range of materials in a hands-on process and traditional techniques, Hudson’s sculptures are at once totemic and fetishistic, phallic and feminine, addressing ideas of money, power, and sexuality.

The Knot is made of 316L stainless steel with hand-forging craft in the Sino Sculpture foundry last year(2022). To achieve such fluent and smooth lines of the organic shape, first, it is essential to optimize the 3D scanning digital model which came from the sculptor’s original clay maquette by 3D software to amend and optimize some minor defects which were hard to observe with eyesight. Then a 1:1 scale hard form model was created for further steel panel forging work on it. Each panel will beat hundred and thousands to form the correct forms and after carefully welding and polishing process and these welding lines will be invisible.

The Knot is currently in exhibition at DIFC Sculpture Park, in Dubai, UAE. DIFC is once again transforming into an open-air art gallery as DIFC Sculpture Park marks its return for the second edition this year, from 7 February until 30 September 2023 under the theme, ‘Tales Under the Gate’. Following its resounding success last year, the 2023 edition of DIFC Sculpture Park will host an array of modern, futuristic, innovative, and cutting-edge artistic masterpieces of established and independent artists representing diverse art movements from around the world.