Casting Bronze Sculptures in Sino Sculpture Foundry


Sino Sculpture Group (Beijing) Ltd is a bronze sculpture foundry specializing in large-scale bronze sculpture design, fabrication, and oversea installation. Bronze sculptures and other objects are created through the process of casting in our large and open space with high ceilings foundry.

At Sino Sculpture Foundry, there are several stages to the bronze sculpture casting process:

First, a sculpture or object is created using a variety of techniques such as sculpting, modeling, or 3D printing. Once the original object is created, a mold is made of the object using materials like plaster or silicone rubber.

Next, the mold is prepared for casting by applying a release agent to prevent the bronze from sticking to the mold. Then, molten bronze is poured into the mold and allowed to cool and harden. The mold is removed, leaving behind the solid bronze object.

Finally, the bronze cast is cleaned up, polished, and sometimes given a patina to create a unique finish. This process requires skilled artisans, who work together to create high-quality bronze sculptures and objects.

Specializing in the production of any kind of scale bronze sculpture casting, welcome to visit our foundry in Beijing, China.