Exploring the Art of Shakyamuni Buddha Statue Fabrication


This large seated Buddha is a bronze statue made according to the image of Shakyamuni. It is located in the famous temple in Bangkok, Thailand - Vapknan Bashicharan. This large Buddha bronze statue is 65 meters (213 feet) high and weighs about 965 tons. The number of petals in the lotus throne is 60 (30 big petals and 30 small petals), and the number of hair is 365, which means meditating every day. In addition, under the lotus throne is a 6-meter-high concrete building. This Buddha statue is made of copper material combined with forging technology. The surface is painted with gold paint, and the inside is supported by a carbon steel structure. Every detail has been carefully studied, calculated, and analyzed. This bronze large Buddha statue was installed and finished by the middle of 2021 and it became the largest sitting bronze Buddha in the world.