People Tree

H7.63m (H25ft) made of Stainless Steel 316L installed in CA, United States, Completed in 2019


Stainless Steel People Tree Sculpture

Mirror Stainless Steel People Tree Sculpture

A banyan tree that can be seen everywhere, has been endowed with different meanings after the artist's fine working on it. This 7.63m high stainless steel banyan tree is created by artist Mr. Subodh Gupta and made of stainless steel 316L for outer surface panel as well as internal structure. A super shinning mirroring like reflective surface finish make it shine brightly in the sunlight, and it's so all-encompassing that it reflects everything around it.
This mirror stainless steel tree sculpture also named “the people tree”. It was not only achieved by stainless steel but also beautifully shows its characteristic aerial roots. Simultaneously, the crown of the ubiquitous tree was formed by thousands of ordinary kitchen utensils that are carefully melded.
According to the artist’s statement, these ordinary stainless steel vessels were not available to every family in his childhood. But that is no longer the case, therefore, as time changes, this tree of people is also a witness to economic growth.


Certainly, the artist used the prototype of the banyan tree to create creations also because the banyan tree is sacred locally and regarded as a national tree, symbolizing eternal life and knowledge.
Since then, whenever you see the banyan tree on the roadside will not because of this stainless steel tree, and feel that they have a different meaning?

Completed stainless steel tree sculpture installed in CA, USA

3D Model Optimized by Sino Sculpture Design&Engineering Team


Fabrication of mirror people tree sculpture in Sino Sculpture Factory.