Pushing the Earth

1.8m(5.9ft), Cast in Stainless Steel 316, Installed in A Mall of South Africa, in 2019



Mirror Stainless Steel Casting Sculpture in A Mall of South Africa

Mirror Polishing Cast Stainless Steel Sculpture

This is a cast stainless steel statue, made of 316 stainless steel, placed in a shopping mall in South Africa based on a real person. According to the information provided by the customer, this stainless steel cast human statue should be the CEO of this company, hoping to make a sculpture for himself in the pose of personally pushing the earth. Presumably he wanted to present a positive, energetic image to the public. This cast stainless steel statue total have 1.8m high, but with a posture of half squat.




But different from the stainless steel statue, the global is made by pure hand-forging crafts. The whole sculpture with a shiny and high mirror polished surface finishing.

The Completed Cast Stainless Steel Statue in Sino Sculpture Office.

1:1 Clay Model Sculpt in Sino Sculpture Workshop

Inner Soft Packaging of Cast Stainless Steel Statue.