H1.6m(5.25ft) Cast in Stainless Steel, Exhibited at "Sculpture by the sea, Cottesloe 2021


Cast Stainless Steel Sculpture Reflecting

Stainless Steel Reflecting is designed by Australia artist Jill Smith, which participarted the exhibition In Sculpture By the Sea, Cottesloe 2021. It is a custom life-size stainless steel girl sculpture, with stand height of 160cm, and very popular with everyone taking selfies.

This cast mirror polished stainless steel figure sculpture is made of two materials that is stainless steel for the part below the neck and bronze for the part from head to neck. It is adopted traditional casting craft and with surface mirror polished for stainless steel part and patina for the bronze part.

In order to avoid chemical reaction for two mixture materials, we came up with several ways to connect them in the location of the neck part, in the end, it was very successful. On the surface, it looks like a seamless connection, but it avoids the problem of chemical reactions when the two materials are welded together. Honest to say, the patination of this custom stainless steel figure sculpture is also a challenge for us this time, it seems like a very light rust color but with spots.



This stainless steel figure sculpture surely could be more expression techniques, for example with different finish, then could be a painting stainless steel figure sculpture, hairline finish stainless steel figure sculpture and so on.

Let’s expect more vivid stainless steel sculpture exhibited in “Sculpture by the Sea” in the coming years.

Sculpture"Reflecting" in Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2021, Perth, Australia

1:1 3D Printing of Bronze Figure Statues

3D Printing of Cast Stainless Steel Scupture Reflecting.

Cast Stainless Steel Sculpture Fabricated in Sino Factory.

Back View of Sculpture"Reflecting" in Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2021, Perth, Australia