Cloud Sculpture

H28m(92ft), L40m(131ft) made by Stainless Steel 304, Installed in MOCAPE Shenzhen in 2016


Mirror Stainless Steel Facade Clould in MOCAPE Shenzhen

Cloud sculpture is a high mirrored stainless steel facade which is design by famous Archtect Coop Himmelblau.

Stainless steel facade Cloud is located in Shenzhen contemporary art museum and urban planning exhibition hall. Its stand height is 28 meters(92ft), 40 meters (131ft) wide, made by stainless steel 304. The final surface showing a whole piece effect and with finish mirror reflection. 


Due to the tight construction period, the production time of this work was very short, but the installation work brought us some difficulties. Because it was installed indoors, the narrow space of the elevator limited the size of the panel blocks, increased the difficulty of handling, and also greatly increased the workload of installation.

The Completion Stainless Steel Facade.

3D Model Optimized by Sino Sculpture Design&Engineering Team

Stainless Steel Facade "Cloud" fabricate in Sino Factory.

Site Installation of Stainless Steel Facade Cloud.