Discovery Slides

H7m(23ft), L21m(68.9ft),W15m(49.2ft) made by Stainless Steel 316L, Installed in Changi Airport, Singapore in 2019


Discovery Slides in Changi Airport, Singapore

Stainless Steel Facade Discovery Slides in Changi Airport, Singapore

DISCOVERY SLIDES is more than an stainless steel facade, it is also a functional slides. It is consist by a large top cladding and support by three cones. From the outside, it is just a large sculpture with a conceptual, but there is something inside it. There are stairs on three cone legs that lead directly to the upper deck. Go upstairs, you will found different slides hiding inside each cone, and straightly to the bottom of sculpture. This is the discovery slide, the children’s paradise that achieved by mirrored stainless steel and installed in the top floor of Changi airport of Singapore. It is also a part of JEWEL project. Its superb mirror reflection is also set on the edge of the top layer like a dazzling diamond.The top deck and slide are covered with yellow rubber, and the ground is embedded with lights. When night fell, the yellow rubber mat mixed with lights was reflected on the sculpture, coupled with the obvious tropical green plants around it, let everything around seemed particularly bizarre.


The Discovery Slides is designed by Carve, and takes about 2 years to finalize the ultimate effect. During fabrication the most difficult problem we faced on is the thickness of the surface panel in some area reached 6mm, which dramatically increase the difficulty of the hand forging.....

Copyright: Playpoint Singapore

3D Model Optimized by Sino Sculpture Design&Engineering Team

Discovery Slides fabricate in Sino Factory