Playing Rugby

H6m (19ft), Made of Bronze Casting, Installed in Sandymount Hotel, Ireland in 2011.




Bronze Figure Statue Travellers

This artwork was custom commissioned for the Ireland Sandymount hotel. It was installed in front of the hotel.
The sculpture was cast in the bronze, color patina finish. The sculpture’s height is 6meters, which consisted of 3 sportsmen. Our clay model team made the 1:1 clay model based on the photos provided by clients and optimized by professional sculptors, and designers.
Lost wax is one of the common casting methods we used for fine artwork. High-quality bronze material also decided the quality of the completed sculpture.
Inside the sculpture, there is an internal structure with 304 stainless steel. It made the structure more secure and stable.
This sculpture was finished in 2011 and installed in the capital of Ireland – Dublin.