Golden Falcon

H9m (30ft), hand forging craft, installed in Jeddah, KSA, in 2021



Golden Bronze Falcon Sculpture in Jeddah

About the Golden Bronze Falcon Statue


A golden falcon rises, wings outstretched, over the Jeddah coastline. It was designed by artist Matt Kwest from Canada. The overall sculpture is made of brass with surface treatment of spray painted. Its overall height is 9 meters and it spans 12.2 meters. The angular line design is his prominent artistic style.
The sculpture consists of a falcon and an irregular polygonal figure at the bottom. The golden eagle is shown soaring, claws resting on geometric figures representing gems. in some Middle Eastern countries. Falconry is an important sport that teaches patience, strength, and people like to use it as a symbol of their wealth and power. In the last two weeks, our overseas installation team completed the installation of this falcon sculpture and returned to China safely from Saudi Arabia. This is also the first art installation on the Jeddah Art Promenade launched by sela, a local Arab event production company. The beautiful art gallery brings a whole new cultural experience to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Shihana Alazzaz, Sela chairwoman and general counsel to the Public Investment Fund, said: “The ‘Wusul’ (‘Arrival’) installation from artist Kwest is a powerful statement of energy and creativity taking flight. With more than a dozen installations planned, the Jeddah Art Promenade will blaze an iconic trail down our beautiful coast, offering visitors a visceral cultural experience and creating a landmark worthy of our nation’s vision.”