H20m(65.62ft), made of Copper Plate, Installed in Jilin, China, in 2013



Gold Bronze Phoenix Sculpture

This phoenix sculpture is an outdoor artwork for a Chinese artist and was exhibited in Jilin, China in 2013. It takes 5 months to design and manufacture, and 3 months to install. The whole piece is 20 meters high, made of red copper plate, with gold foil on the surface, with a unique luster. For the internal structure we use steel Q345B and coated with anti-rust paint to ensure its longevity.



The completed gold leaf gilding PHOENIX looks really beautiful and glittering, the client is is very satisfied with it.

Installed Gilding Bronze Phoenix Sculpture.

Gilding Bronze Phoenix Sculpture Fabricating in Sino Sculpture Factory.

Installation of Gold Bronze  Phoenix Sculpture.