Life-size, Cast in Bronze, Installed in Yinchan Art Museum, China in 2016



Bronze Horse Sculpture

This group of bronze horse sculpture is designed based on the image of the real horse, life-size height made of bronze by tranditional lost-wax casting crafts. Its surface with patina finishing.

These horses show different shapes, or they are leisurely, or wandering for food, or lying on their backs and playing.No matter what kind of posture or expression, can be accurately depicted and finally realized. As one of the many sculpture realization techniques, bronze casting art can always reflect the minute details incisively and vividly. However, in the process of various replication and casting, if we do not pay attention to the replication and fine deliberation of details, it is impossible to achieve by casting itself.

Casting should start from the source, first of all to ensure accurate molding, such as 1:1 clay sculpture, without repeated elaboration and fine modification, it is impossible to achieve the effect of vivid depiction. The second is to turn the model, such as FRP model and silicon model, to achieve accurate replication effect; If the above steps are not satisfactory, then you can further improve the overall details as much as possible when turning the wax mold. If the above steps are to achieve a beautiful shape and strictly in line with the original design requirements of the work, then whether the final work can really achieve the desired also needs to depend on the material and the overall casting process.



Usually the most commonly used bronze casting material is tin bronze, Its copper content is generally about 85%-87%, but we usually use silicon bronze, the content can reach 95% or even above, the higher the copper content, the stronger the stability in the casting process, the better the oxidation performance of the final surface, it can be said that the finished casting trachoma less, beautiful color, longer life.

Finished Casted Horse Head With Patina.

Custom Life-size Bronze Horse Statue in Yinchuan Contemporary Art Museum.

Yinchuan Contemporary Art Museum Horse Sculptures.