General Vang Pao Statue

H6m (19ft), made of Bronze, installed in Chico city, CA, in 2016



General Vang Pao in Chico CA


Bronze Casting General Vang Pao Statue


The bronze casting military officer monument was made for American clients. The design came from the client. The American flag and the military officer were cast in bronze, and the plinth was made of black marble. Due to the container loading limitation. The set of the statue monument has been divided into 3 parts for packing and shipment. The military officer, the flag, and the marble stone base have been packed in 3 different crates.




Under our instruction of installation, the whole assembly work has been done by local workers, The American client came and visited us after the clay model finished to confirm the details in the foundry. 

Completed Bronze Cast Satue in Chico, USA

Dimention drawing of Bronze Casting General Vang Pao Statue