H1.01m, (3.3ft) Cast in Bronze, installed in The Mount, Lenox, MA, 2022



Bronze sculpture Davonte

Bronze Monumental Statue Davonte

Such a elegant sculptural design named Davonte designed by Artist Matina Angela Muller, was first won second prize at the Online Show of the New England Sculptor Association in April,2022, and finally installed at the Mount in Lenox, Massachusetts in 2022

Total 1.01m(3.33ft) high is the achieved overall height for this bronze Monumental, and surface with beautiful patina which is full of the sense of the age.

Such an abstract, soft line designed bronze cast statue was inspired by a piece of gnarled wood with many gestures that the artist found at the temple of Nike on Samothrace.

Viewed from the front, the cast bronze sculpture looks like multiple wings spread out to both sides and presents an infinitely extending shape. Viewed from the back, the surface of the sculpture is also full of countless meandering vortices or vortex chains. From the artist's introduction, we learned that such a form of expression is formed by carving the fluidity of water into the sand, or it expresses an air current shaped by sound waves like music by their vibration in the air.


In short, the concept and elements of such a memorial bronze cast sculpture are shaped by the creativity found in nature. Its soft, upward buoyancy element, as well as flowing lines and shapes also show an encouraging gesture, reflecting the spiritual strength of human beings who are positive and striving to become stronger.

The Completed Bronze Statue Davonte


3D Model Optimized by Sino Sculpture Design&Engineering Team

Sand Shell of Bronze Statue Davonte