Gilded Ksitigarbha

H1.8m(5.9ft) made by Bronze, In stalled at KMSPKS, Singapore in 2021


gold leaf Bronze Ksitigarbha Buddha

Gilded Bronze Ksitigarbha Buddha Statue

This 1.8m hgigh Bronze Buddha statue is another Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva that made of Bronze casting and surface with gold leaf finish. In addiiton, it is placed on a 2.1-meter-hig marble plinch, and enshrined in the Open Praying Area of Pu Tong Columbarium for workshippers to worship.


The fabrication flow of such a gilded Bronze Buddha is almost same as traditional lost-wax casting.
An accurate design is prior to 1:1 3D printing, and followed by silicon model duplication, wax model, sand shell, demoulding, welding&surface treatment, and then surface finish. As for gold leaf surface, a primer is sprayed first, and then pave with gold foil. That's the general process.

Completed Gilded Ksitigarbha Buddha in KMSPKS, Singapore.

3D Model Optimized by Sino Sculpture Design&Engineering Team

3D Model of Bronze Ksitigarbha Buddha Statue

Primer Spray for Gold Bronze Buddha Sculpture in Sino Workshop.